Simplify your Business
 with an Advanced 
Cloud Phone System.

Manage all your communications with our enterprise-level, easy-to-use solution.

Empower your business from one simple platform. Connect employees at any time, from anywhere, on any device. 

Use any brand/model IP phone. 


Big Office Quality, Small Office Price.

No contract locking you into service.

Cancel service at anytime, no cancellation fee.
We let the quality of our service speak for itself.

Save as much as 50% over analog service. Saving money without sacrificing features.

Cloud PBX minimizes the risks and costs of owning and maintaining an on-premises PBX

"There comes a time when you find yourself basking in the light of your best decisions. When you realize that everything is working perfectly and you are surrounded by personalities of calm, loving, and generosity, then you know you have met the right team. Maxxtel Communications is far and wide the best decision we made for our customers needs. They could not possibly be more helpful, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I am comforted to know I can count on them and would never in my wildest dreams go anywhere else. Do yourself a favor and go with Maxxtel.  You deserve it."

Ezra Freidman- Head Underwriter- Boca Raton, Florida

"The best phone service provider I have ever worked with.  At every step of the way, their service and support is unparalleled and the pricing cannot be beat.

I originally came to them when converting a client from an existing in-house phone system and service provided by a traditional phone company.  This was my first experience with proper VOIP service and VOIP provider.  They took the time to assist me with conversion planning, phone purchasing, and network setup.  They were truly a partner at every stage of the conversion.

In the years that have followed, I have recommended Maxxtel to all of my clients.  Every single one of them have been well pleased."

Tim Edge- IT Professional                                       Staten Island, NY

“I'm very impressed with Maxxtel's high level of service and professionalism. Besides for using them for my business phones, I've needed them for a few very important projects and they've not only met, but far exceeded my expectations. I'm sure that whatever your needs are, you'll be making a great choice going with Maxxtel.”

Joe Davis- CEO of Non-Profit Organization- Pomona, NY


Features make the difference with Maxxtel's Hosted PBX.